DKM Home Studies
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• Home visits
• Interviews with the prospective adoptive family including children and 
       other household members
• Observations of the prospective adoptive family’s relationship with 
       their own children
• Review of legal documents
• Review of health reports 
• Review of criminal record from the Division of Criminal Investigation 
• Review of abuse and neglect screening from the Department of Social 
• Review of collateral information collected
• Review of any other information central to adoption study

DKM Adoption Home Studies
The objective of an Adoption Home Study is to assess the prospective adoptive family's ability to raise a child. The evaluator does NOT place children into care nor makes the final decision in regards to the placement of a child in the prospective adoptive family’s care; this decision lies within the adoption agency. The evaluator’s role is NOT to provide therapy.
Service:                                                           Fees:
Adoption Home Study                                                       $1,000.00            
Court Time                                                                        $100.00/hr.         
Travel Time                                                                      Contact evaluator
No Show/Late Cancellations (less than 8 hrs)                  $100.00/hr.           
Background Check Fee                                                    $24.00 per person
Possible Fingerprint Fee                                                   $0 - $20.00           
Post Placement Visits                                                       $100.00/hr.           
Post Placement Reports                                                   $100.00/report      
Adoption Home Study Update                                          Contact evaluator    

DKM Adoption Home Studies Include: