DKM Home Studies
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DKM Custody Home Studies Include: 

• Visits to each parent’s home
• Interviews with both parents and significant others
• Interviews with child/children 
• Observations of parent/child interactions
• Review of legal documents
• Review of health reports 
• Review of Unified Judicial System (UJS) Criminal Record Search
• Review of collateral information collected
• Review of any other information central to custody evaluation

DKM Custody Home Studies 
The main goal of the custody home study is to present data that suggests a creative plan which maximizes the children’s exposure to the strengths each parent has to offer. The evaluator’s role is NOT to provide therapy.The usual rules of confidentiality do not apply in a custody home study. The evaluator will have to gather and share information from other individuals in order to present a comprehensive evaluation.  
Service:                                                 Fees:
Child Custody Home Study                                     $4,000.00                       
Travel Time                                                             Contact Evaluator           
No Show/Late Cancellations (less than 8hrs)         $100.00/hr                      
Testimony Fee                                                         $500.00                          
Home Study Update                                               Contact Evaluator